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At Horse Lovers we post a wide spectrum of articles to engage all members of the horse community. We’ve built a passionate team of professionals covering; general horse news, breeds, health, equine fashion & lifestyle, viral content, sport, art, events, films, accessories, quizzes and just things that make you laugh. We’re always looking to add to our talented team! If you’re passionate about horses and want to have a voice, here’s your opportunity.

Who can become a Horse Lovers writer?

Anyone with a passion for horses and writing can become a horses lovers contributor, we’re looking for interesting content that our readers will love! Typically our articles fall into the following categories;

  • Breeds
  • Health
  • News and Stories
  • Lifestyle (Training, Accessories, Fashion, Events, etc)
  • Viral Content & Media (Videos, Memes, Pictures, Films, Art, Apps, etc)
  • Sport (Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Polo, Racing, etc)
  • Quizzes (test our readers’ knowledge of horses) – We will require the questions / answers and we can find the images.

If your favourite topic doesn’t fit into these categories, please contact us and we may add it to the site.

How to write great blogs

  • Engage the reader – Whether that’s through opinion, facts, answering questions, viral content, quizzes or experiences etc.
  • It’s preferable to keep articles above 300 words, typically 500-700 words makes for a great length. We understand that certain posts may be shorter in length (viral content, lists, etc). Please keep articles on topic.
  • Include at least one image and / or video in your post that you have ownership to or permission to use. If you cannot find a suitable image don’t worry, we will provide you with an image or video that we have permission to use.
  • If appropriate, include headings throughout your article.
  • Always keep content original. Reference where appropriate.

Please note that articles will be published and featured on our social channels at our discretion.

If you would like to apply to join our team or have any questions then please contact one of our dedicated editorial team. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

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